[Ph.D. students]

  • Andres Rainiero Hernandez Coronado – Side Channel Attacks
  • Mohammad Nadim – Securing Microservices using Deep Learning
  • Ganesh Reddy Gunnam – Securing Microservices using Deep Learning

[Master students]

  • Gandhali Patil – Securing Microservices using Deep Learning
  • Wajdi Bazuhair (Graduate Fall 2018, Thesis – Detecting Malware’s Encrypted Network Traffic Using Perlin Noise and Convolutional Neural Network)
  • Iram Lee (Graduate Fall 2018, Project – Using Autoencoders to Identify Kernel-level Rootkit Exploits to System Call Functions in Containerized Applications)
  • Rana Al Ameedee (Graduated Spring 2018, Thesis –¬†Exploiting User Privacy from IoT Devices Using Deep Learning and its Mitigation)
  • Zachary Parrish (Graduated Spring 2018, Project –¬†An Examination of Homomorphic Encryption Performance in a Containerized Microservice Architecture)
  • Bin Yang (Graduated Fall 2017, Thesis – Human Body Odor Based Authentication Using Machine Learning)
  • Amrita Honap (Graduated Summer 2017, Thesis – Hiding Kernel Level Rootkits Using Stack Overflow and Return Oriented Programming)
  • Andres Rainiero Hernandez Coronado (Graduated Spring 2017, Thesis – Effective Analysis of Side-Channel Attacks in the Second Level Cache)
  • Nidhin Alexander (Graduated Spring 2017, Thesis – Behavioral Patterns of Kernel Level Rootkits Attacking Containers in Linux)
  • Akhileshreddy Baddigam (Graduated Fall 2016, Project – Web Application Security in Containers )
  • Krishna Chaitanya Gollanapally (Graduated Fall 2016, Project – Implementing DDoS Attack in Mininet and Defending Using SDN)

[Undergraduate students]

  • Elliott Aguilar – Securing Microservices using Deep Learning
  • Alonso Ramon – Data Science