WIN Wednesday

(Work, Intern, Network)

Through the WIN series of workshops and seminars, student engineers build both technical and soft skills so that they enter the workforce prepared to lead. The series also provides an interactive environment where students, faculty and industry professionals can connect to discuss emerging trends and learn from one another. WIN Wednesday is open to all engineering students, and free lunch is included! Please see the calendar to see upcoming events!

Here are some previous WIN-Wednesday guests!

Resume Example

Want to make a resume but don't know where to begin? Here is a great example!

Student Website Guide

Resources and steps to help build a website from

This is a recently published resource and tools that could be helpful for students while preparing to embark on professional endeavors in a competitive job market. Help potential employers find you online! Package your achievements and bring a personalized voice to your experience with a digital portfolio, and stand out among the competition and showcase beyond a traditional resume.

This guide has actionable steps that are both approachable and comprehensive to help students build a website.

You can learn more about it here:

Leadership Academy

Program Description:

First year engineering students are invited to participate in the Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy is a 4 year program designed for students to gain valuable leadership and professional skills needed to be successful in their future careers. It strives to empower students in their personal development and foster a sense of belonging at UTSA and in the College of Engineering.

APPLY here! 

How It Works:

Students are able to personalize their experience by choosing which opportunities to attend. Students must obtain a minimum of 160 points per year with at least 40 points per section to be in good standing.

Work Smarter, Not Harder:

The system has been created to reward students for what they are already doing and to challenge students to expand their thinking. If they are a student worker on campus or a COE organization member, for example, they will earn credit. Other point opportunities involve attending campus events, volunteering, undergraduate research and more! Students can also get events approved for credit, if it is not notated on the guide.

Why Participate:

After successfully completing the academy, senior students will be recognized at the Spring Tech Symposium. Students will be offered exclusive opportunities to interact with industry professionals and university personnel. Students will also be able to apply the knowledge gained from these experiences in their work in the classroom and in their professional careers..


Experience Guide

Attend tutoring sessions, participate in research with faculty, attend an on-campus training or workshop, receive a technical certification.

40 points (per year)

Participate in study abroad, attend an on-campus training or workshop (like Ally Training), and attend conferences.

40 points (per year)

Attend E-Week events, pumpkin smash, Welcome Back BBQ, participate in the Discussion with the Deans, membership in an COE student org, competition, community service.

40 points (per year)

Attend the undergraduate, graduate, or alumni panels, tech symposium, a WIN Wednesday event, have outside employment, go on a site visit, participate in a career fair.

40 points (per year)