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Congratulations to Daniel Portillo for winning Second Place in the 2020 Three Minute Thesis Competition! His dissertation topic focuses on the development of a frugal tissue/organ transplant preservation system.
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The UTSA Mechanical Engineering 2019-2020 Report is now available: ME 2019-2020 Annual Report
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Kiran Bhaganagar and her graduate student Sudheer BhimiReddy from Laboratory of Turbulence, Sensing and Intelligence Systems publish a fundamental work on Plumes in the atmosphere in the prestigious  Journal of Fluid Mechanics. The team developed a state-of-art numerical model and solved an important problem in fundamental fluid dynamics. This work has important implications in predicting
MAY 29, 2020 — A fluid is both a gas and liquid, such as air, water, steam and oil. Ordinarily, engineering students in the Griffin Thermal and Fluids Laboratory at UTSA experiment with wind tunnels, tapered ducts, valves, pipe fittings and hydraulics to observe the forces fluids produce under various conditions. With the sudden onset
MAY 21, 2020 — UTSA mechanical engineering researchers have developed a new breathing tube designed to solve the problem of instability and tissue damage from the long-term ventilation of COVID-19 patients and emergency medicine. COVID-19 can spread swiftly in the population and progress rapidly in individual patients. In turn, according to news reports, a patient
(April 22, 2020) – Congratulations to UTSA COE’s Eugene John and Xiaodu Wang, who each received a University Excellence Award! Dr. John was honored in the University Service Category for Tenure Track Faculty, while Dr. Wang was recognized in the Research Achievement Category: STEM Tenured. The virtual ceremony was held April 21. From the program,
JANUARY 30, 2020 — Chris Combs, the Dee Howard Endowed Assistant Professor in UTSA’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, is one of 40 young researchers who will receive a grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research’s Young Investigator Research Program. The three-year grant, totaling $450,000, will support Combs as he investigates the effects of hypersonic shock waves
Nov. 27, 2019 — 3BM, one of 96 student-led design teams, won the top prize at UTSA Fall 2019 Tech Symposium. The challenge, hosted yesterday by the College of Engineering and sponsored by the San Antonio Economic Development Corp., showcased innovative student projects and research across multiple engineering disciplines, preparing participants to launch scalable entrepreneurial ventures. 
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In “Computational Modeling of the Mechanical Behavior of 3D Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites,” Dr. Xiaowei Zeng and his co-workers describe a study in which a three-dimensional hybrid nanocomposite was analyzed using the cohesive finite element method. This model contained hard mineral nanograins bonded by a relatively soft and thin organic adhesive layer to mimic the ultrastructure
Nov. 20, 2019 — UTSA is educating and preparing the next generation of scientists and engineers to provide innovative solutions to the grand challenges in nuclear security.  A cross-disciplinary team of researchers led by faculty members in the College of Sciences and the College of Engineering have been awarded nearly $3 million in grant funding