Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Design II

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Compass Rose Academy is a public charter school developed on the south side of San Antonio. In 2019-2020 they were looking to expand their reach by developing another campus in the Port Authority of San Antonio along Billy Mitchell Blvd and Chennault Circle. This is an interesting study because the land is ex-military use and comes with a unique set of challenges. We picked this site as the development was finishing the last stage of construction and will be redesigning the site while referencing pre-construction documents - as if it had not been built yet.


Andres Guerra

Maria Diez

Paul Teltschik

Nabeela Naeem

Veronica Riojas

Edgardo Rivera 

Kevin Sipos



Proposed 'Multi-story Commercial Retail Center' on the corner of Vance Jackson Rd & UTSA Blvd. Will consist of a walking bridge connecting two structures with an emphasis on LEED and LID design elements.


Daniel Javaheri

Ireen Rahman

Marco Guerra

Dilip Saha

Hugo Sandoval

Diego Sepulveda


Integrity Engineers

We are designing a 1-story recreation center in the Northwest area of San Antonio. We chose that specific area due to the high volume of traffic that passes by it and because of the hotel, apartments, neighborhood and other residential buildings that surround it. Residents staying at the hotel or even at the apartments will be able to enjoy the various amenities the recreation center will feature such as basketball courts, group fitness rooms, racquetball rooms, and a general fitness area for weightlifting and cardio.


Alfredo Carmona

Saul Alfaro

Pouria Vali

Sean O'Boyle

Daniel Warrendorf

Theophile Fomo


Landon Engineering

Our team will submit plans for a small public park on a plot of land immediately outside of San Antonio city limits. We will address the existing conditions of the proposed site location, provide a scope of services for the work we believe to be necessary for the project's construction, and abide by all relevant guidelines and regulations. Each member of our group will specialize in a certain area of the civil design process and use their degree experience to deliver a product that meets all necessary requirements.


Isabella Martinez

Moses Perez

Giovanni Lanzarin

Cassandra Trevino

Nojem Libson

Jackson Brown 

Alexander Ihonvbere


El Chupacabra


Glenn Nora

Victoria Scott

Rupert Fojas

Mariana Mendez

Paige Bundy

Samuel Rivera

Mission City Engineering

This Mixed-use Development building includes a first floor dedicated to retail and 3 upper floors dedicated to residencies. One of the key benefits to this development is that residents will have access to businesses within close proximity of their homes; simply a staircase descent or elevator ride away. A building like this will positively impact the surrounding area by creating economic revenue and providing services to residents--those living within and outside of the development. The entrances and exits will provide easy access to all drivers along Potranco and Ingram road who would desire to stop by to get a haircut or do some light grocery shopping. The Mixed-use Development will also be aesthetically pleasing, with a large open green space that doubles as permeable cover, assisting with rainwater drainage. This development will help the community and will serve as a great new location for people looking for a place to live. This development is also fairly close to the Medical Center in San Antonio and St. Mary’s University. The proposed lot is over 38 acres large, most of which will likely be utilized as green space.


Isaac Rivas

Sergio Velasquez-Mendoza

Nathan Weeks

Andrew Serna

Moises Ramirez

Caleb Vinaja