Destination: Excellence 2016


UTSA first established a Division of Engineering in 1982. The division was then reorganized into a College of Engineering (COE) in the year 2000. In the ensuring seven years (2000-2007) since the inception of the College, student enrollment has more than doubled and research funding has increased several fold.

During this growth phase, the COE will maintain its focus on providing excellence in education, research and service. Student achievement will be a central goal and all education programs will be geared to maximize student learning and success.

In research, the COE will focus on the areas of excellence outlined by UTSA—security, health, energy and environment, and sustainability. Within this context, areas such as information security, biomedical system, multifunctional materials, engineering infrastructure, manufacturing, computational modeling, energy, and environmental technology will be emphasized.

Service activities will focus on outreach to K-12 students and programs, close interactions with the individual community and providing opportunities for professional development. In all three areas—education, research and service—the COE will work to establish a prominent national and international presence.


The mission of the College of Engineering is to provide outstanding education and research opportunities to our region's multicultural community, as well as to the nation and beyond. This includes preparing students for lifelong learning and leadership jobs in the engineering profession, conducting research leading to innovative technologies, establishing partnerships with industry, connecting both locally and globally, and pursuing excellence in endeavor.


The College of Engineering envisions becoming an internationally recognized, premier research-intensive engineering college serving as an economic driver and workforce developer for the region, the state, and nation and the global environment.

Core Values

The College of Engineering embraces the core values of UTSA—integrity, excellence, innovation, respect, collaboration and inclusiveness.