Internship and Co-ops

 Co-op programs and internships provide students the opportunity to partner with local and national business to apply what they learn in the classroom in a professional setting.

  1. Go to Handshake to see what internships are available.

  2. To learn more about what internships are and how to find one that works for you, click here.

  3. Students must talk to a faculty member before signing up for a co-op.

Below are some examples of the great internships and co-ops that our engineering students have taken or are taking part in right now!


Meet Ricco Aceves. He is one of only 30 students who was chosen out of the 6,000 that applied to take part in the prestigious NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program.

In fall 2014, Ricco moved to Houston to work in a co-op alongside professional engineers at the Johnson Space Center. The NASA Pathways internship gives undergraduates the opportunity to explore federal careers while still in school with the possibility of being hired upon graduation.

“Being able to work side-by-side with some of the best engineers in the country was amazing,” said Aceves. “I worked on the flight control team whose focus was the International Space Station. This co-op have me the chance to see what it is like to work in engineering and get that hands on experience that you need to succeed after graduation."

Interned with Water Consultants

"I did my internship in my sophomore year," said Grace Marcantel. "Having my mentor point out things to me and explain how they worked made it way easier to understand and visualize things we learned in class later on. After being down in a boiler room it was really easy to be like, oh, yeah, that is how it is applied, ok because I had seen it before. I think other student should do internships. You get to see all of underground stuff you don't see every day, stuff behind the doors. Plus, I met a lot of really nice people willing to show me things. I think this internship will help me get a job after graduation because the experience I learned at Water Consultants is not something I could have learned in class."

Interning with Biomedical Enterprises

Oscar Luevanos, a mechanical engineering major, interned with Biomedical Enterprises, a local company that specializes in medical implants.

"I am able to apply what I have learned in all of my classes at this internship," said Luevanos. "It's useful that I get to see all of the things I have done in my classroom be applied in a real-world scenario. I would encourage all engineering students to do an internship if they can. I enjoy going to work every single day and the company really works with my schedule because they realize I am a student. "