Student Success Center Mission

The College of Engineering offers students the opportunity to participate in local public awareness activities such as mentoring students, giving presentations to local schools, and working with at-risk adolescents. Have an idea for community outreach that you would like to see come to life? We will work with you!

Student Success Center Goal

The goal of the Student Success Center is to become a one-stop shop for students to learn about and participate in the many opportunities available for their personal and professional growth and development. It will also serve as the central point of contact for industry professionals to connect with students regarding internships and job opportunities, as well as networking events and mentorships.

Student Success Center Contact Information

Jennifer McDaniel
Assistant Director of Recruitment
COE Student Success Center
Cheri LaBelle
Program Manager
AET 1.328
Jill Ford, MS Ed.
Assistant Dean and Director of Student Success
Ruben Mercado, M.Ed.
Heidi Harwick
Project Specialist
EB 2.04.10
Keri Axelrod
Carlos Velez
Program Coordinator