Welcome to the Macromolecular Bio-Interfaces Lab!

Our research group focuses developing exclusive, powerful nanomaterials systems to manipulate cellular signals and behaviors. We engineer stimuli-responsive soft matter and biocompatible nanomaterials for their applications in drug delivery.

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Lab video produced by BME undergrad student Meritxell Martinez & Adrian Mendoza:

Dr. Romero team collaborated with Meri and Adrian from The BME Life to produce an amazing video of the lab’s research work and the impact empowering the next generation of Women in STEM:

New Research Funding!

Dr. Romero receives two research grants to continue the lab’s research efforts towards developing novel technologies for neuromodulation:

Grants for Research Advancement and Transformation (GREAT) from UTSA VPREDKE will investigate new platforms for wireless mechanotransduction in motor cortical neurons: http://research.utsa.edu/2019/07/01/vpredkeseeds2019/

SCORE 1 from NIH NIGMS will investigate new technologies to modulate dopaminergic neural circuits.

End of Summer Internships

A very productive Summer has come to an end for our 2019 Undergraduate Summer Research Interns. You are going to be missed!!

Milton Nava visited us from Northwest Vista College through CIMA Program. Now he will continue his undergraduate studies at UT Austin:

Jackie Xuan visited us from Ohio State University through BRAVe REU Program, where she will continue her undergraduate studies and graduate next Spring:

Brandhon Francisco Flores Ibarra visited us from Universidad de Sonora, where he will continue his undergraduate studies and graduate next December:

MBI Lab Summer Interns

We welcome our 2019 Undergraduate Summer Interns:

  • Milton Nava visiting us from Northwest Vista College through CIMA Program
  • Jackie Xuan visiting us from Ohio State University through BRAVe REU Program
  • Brandhon Francisco Flores Ibarra visiting us from Universidad de Sonora

MBI Lab Graduates

Congratulations to our very first graduates BME Class of 2019: Angela, Natalie, David and Carlos, and BME Master Laurette. David graduated with Honors from Honors College. We are very proud of you!!!

Faculty Excellence Award 2019

Dr. Romero was recognized for her dedication with the Faculty Excellence Award by the BME Class of 2019:

CITE Competition and Tech Symposium 2019

We are very proud of JNST Solutions (mentored by Dr. Romero) for winning the 3rd place in the 100K CITE Competition at UTSA!!. Natalie Coppala, senior in BME and MBI Lab member represented her team on the competition.

Angela and David presenting their senior design project at the Tech Symposium:

Undergraduate Research Showcase 2019

MBI Lab Undergrads Valeria, Angela, David and Carlos, presenting their work at the Undergraduate Research Showcase at UTSA

3M Thesis 2019

Rohini, 2nd year BME PhD student, did an incredible job competing in the 3 Minute Thesis 2019 Finals at UTSA!

TXSEF 2019

We are very proud of our youngest member Jeffrey, for qualifying and presenting his scientific work last week in the Texas Science and Engineering Fair at TAMU. 

BME Symposium 2019

All MBI Las students presented their work last week in the BME Symposium 2019 at UTSA. Here are some photos:

Valeria and Samantha presenting their poster on aggregation of AB and tau-protein

Angela, David and Ruddy presenting their Senior Design Project. They developed a Vitamin D wearable sensor.

JNST Solutions: Toral, Natalie, Stefanos and Jesse designed a sensible cooling system for a prosthetic limb. This project will greatly benefit veterans with high physical activity.


BME undergrads Valeria and David presenting our research work at ABRCMS 2018 in Indianapolis, IN.

Congratulations to Valeria for winning the Poster Award!!

BMES 2018

BME undergrads Valeria, Angela and David presenting our research work at BMES 2018 in Atlanta, GA


BME undergrads Valeria and Angela presenting our research work at SACNAS 2018 in San Antonio, TX

Dr Santamaria in collaboration with Dr Romero were awarded with the NSF MRI Grant to acquire a two-photon microscope

Read the news here:


Fall 2018 OUR Scholarship

Our sophomore Chemical Engineering lab member, Caleb Watson has been awarded with the Fall 2018 Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Scholarship. Congratulations Caleb!

San Antonio Military Health System and Universities Research Forum (SURF)

Our girls Rohini, Tina and Angela presenting at SURF today:

Summer Interns

We happily welcome our new students:

  • Mitchell Alvarez, student from Alamo Colleges under the CIMA Summer Internship Program. He will be conducting research during the summer in our lab.
  • Valeria Juarez, BME undergrad at UTSA. She is a trainee in MARC U*STAR at UTSA, and she is starting her 2-year research project in our lab.
  • Samantha Eaton, Chemical Engineering undergrad at UTSA.
  • Edgar Cantu, Carlos Bedolla and Thinh Phan, BME undergrads at UTSA.

Biomaterials Day 2018 at Texas A&M University

Our team participated in Biomaterials Day 2018 at TAMU where Caleb and Rohini participated with poster presentations. Caleb also participated in Rapid Oral presentation. 

UTSA team at Biomaterials Day 2018 


We wish good luck and congratulate Tina Rodgers on her successful graduation of M.S. in Biomedical Engineering. And we welcome her into Ph.D. Program in our lab.

Dr. Romero’s Interview for UTSAToday 

Click here to view Q&A with Dr. Romero on UTSA Today regarding her research background and future plans in UTSA.


We wish our Undergrad Student David Hall good luck!  He has been chosen for an internship program in the Bioelectronics group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  for the Summer of 2018

Undergrad Research Symposium-April 2018

Caleb Watson presenting his research on the “Synthesis of mPEG-PLA-PHIS”

Angela San Juan presenting her research on “Rabies Virus-Mimetic Carriers for Brain Tumor Gene Therapy”

David Hall presenting his research on “Topographical, Chemical and Electrical Optimization of Polyethylene Glycol Diacrylate hydrogels for Neural Growth”

Dr. Romero’s Interview for Mexican Media

Dr. Romero gets interviewed by Hispanic news about her research background and future plans in UTSA.

Full articles:

Exitosa mexicana en el MIT participa en desarrollo de técnica de estimulación neuronal vía nano partículas magnéticas



Welcome team!

Tina is continuing in the lab. Thank you Tina for helping so much in setting up our lab!

We welcome Rohini our new PhD Student from BME!

Welcome to our undergrads: David Hall and Angela San Juan from BME and Caleb Watson from Chemical Engineering, that this semester will conduct some research in our lab. We are happy to have you guys!


Gabriela Romero Uribe, PhD
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