Fall 2019 Tech Symposium Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Design II Projects

Tuned In, Tuned In
Allen Escobedo, Zach Medley, Argali Moctezuma, and Helena Oxendine
Tuned In is an interactive exhibit that will teach children about the science of sound waves while completing challenges to become a Master Spy.
*Sponsored by The DoSeum.

Pioneers, Cipher Buddy
Micael Blais, James Hooge, and Delton Thompson
Cipher Buddy is a Cryptography Web Application.

Wired, Road Sentry System
Michael Emperador, Tyler Hutzler, Helena Luu, and Quynh Vu
The Road Sentry System will be used to track down vehicles fitting a specific description, given either the license plate information, vehicle color/type, or both, and are spotted via systems affixed to police vehicles.

IMAGINE Electronics, Synthly
Bruno Garcia Villalobos, Joan Hernandez Euseda, and Emmanuel Oluga
Synthly is a portable music production workstation for beginners.

Team Perpetual Motion, Electrically Pulsed Catheter (EPC)
Kathya Alfaro, Aycha Almaerbany, and Savanna Stewart
The EPC combines the concept of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and the common catheter in order to reduce bacterial cultures and thus common catheter-related infections.

4GigaBytes, The 4x4 Wheelchair
Mohammed Albaghli, Fahd Alqahtani, David Ovalle, and David Rangel
4GigaBytes' 4x4 Wheelchair is made from two bikes joined together with a seat in the middle. The purpose of the wheelchair is for disabled individuals to enjoy the off-road and outdoor experience.

Beyond the Eyes, Beyond the Eyes
Nathan Boggs, Kevin Englehart, and Jose Antonio Torres Vasquez
Beyond the Eyes is an exhibit the UTSA EPICS team built to integrate into the existing DoSeum Spy Academy. The exhibit uses infrared light to teach Doers (kids) that our eyes have limits to what we can see, while challenging them with STEM tasks to complete.
*Sponsored by The DoSeum.

The Alphas, Intellicap - Smart Construction Helmet
Mosinmi Akindele, Joshua Owhoso, Jesse Sanchez, and Santiago Vigil
There is a need in the construction sector for Intellicap because it will assist the managers/employers and also the workers/employees in the day-to-day business of their jobs. With the aid of Intellicap, the employer will have access to accurate data about the time workers are arrive/leaving the job site. Also, with the aid of Intellicap, workers will feel safer and be safer on the construction site. In the long run, Intellicap will maximize labor and time efficiency on the construction site.

The Super High Intensity Team, The Gophernator
Sam Floreani, Tony Harris, and Weiming Lu
The Gophernator is an Autonomous Pest-Detection Drone.

Alt-Bionics, G.A.R.A. (Globally Available Robotic Arm)
Max Brecheisen, Evan Jenkins, Ruairidh McWilliam, and Ryan Saavedra
G.A.R.A. is an Artificial Intelligence enhanced bionic hand for below elbow amputees that aims to outperform higher cost prostheses currently on the market. The product will restore basic and essential mobility to the user by offering dexterous movements driven by an intuitive interface. The product will cost significantly less than similar devices currently being sold, making it available and affordable for almost everyone.
*Sponsored by Actuonix Motion Devices.

Oreos, Smart Medicine Cabinet
Jarvis Horton, Edward Munteanu, and Jonathan Nemariam
The Smart Medicine Cabinet is a reliable and convenient solution to storing prescription drugs and keeping them safe. The cabinet utilizes facial recognition technology in order to keep others from accessing the contents of the cabinet. In order to provide convenience for users, there will be a mirror with a display. This display will feature general day to day information.

The DreamHackers, Adaptive Wind Turbine Torque Controller
Oli Bhuiyan, Nestor Falcon, Bobby Reyes, and Pedro Sanchez
The goal of this Senior Design Project is to improve the efficiency of a small Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) with an efficient generator torque controller by integrating traditional control and deep learning based modeling.

Byte Me, Byte Me
Josafath Dominguez, John-Michael Gonzales, Connor Nusser, and Michael Reyes
Byte Me is a smart cage.

Ohmega Engineering, Model B
Allan Diaz, Ramiro Serna, and Jonathan Trevino
The Model B is a bike integrated with an automatic gear shifting system. This design provides a more efficient and effortless ride through the use of implemented sensors and logic modules that calculates and shifts into the optimal gear.

Easepresso, Easepresso
Matthew Carter, Mauricio Figueroa, Steve Montelongo, Nickolas Villarreal
Easepresso is an intelligent espresso machine that determines optimal brewing parameters for the perfect cup of espresso.

Simple Solutions, Thermal Modeling and Temperature Control of Lunar Regolith
Thomas Kercheville, Vincent Le, and Joshua Ramirez
The lunar surface undergoes large temperature swings (-190ºC to 110ºC) that can impose severe challenges for electrical and mechanical devices on the moon. Effective temperature control of these devices in such a harsh environment will allow them to function properly and expand their lifespan. However, to test how effective they are in a timely manner, a chamber that can create lunar conditions accurately and efficiently needs to exist. Previous attempts at simulating these lunar conditions were conducted with homogeneous granular simulants. However, these models are inaccurate when considering the heterogeneous nature of the actual lunar soil. It can also take days of simulation to reach such extreme conditions. To address these issues, the project aims to use a deep learning model to effectively and efficiently model the temperature of the lunar regolith during daytime and nighttime.
*Sponsored by Southwest Research Institute.

BTSA, Smart Wastewater Collection System
Sergio Abreu, Tomas Bayarena, Brenda Loredo, and Alex Rios
The Smart Wastewater Collection System is designed to collect the gray water from the A/C unit and the wastewater from the washing machine in a water tank and recycle it through the house, after being filtered, in order to increase home efficiency. The unit will be able to analyze the amount of water collected over a time period as well as let the user know the water tank level at the end of the day. The user will then be able to dictate if the water collected will be used for household purposes such as washing clothes, dishes, or for the lavatory when installed.

SIMBA, Wheelchair Power Assist
Zachary Davis and Joseph Kahiga
The Wheelchair Power Assist is an attachment that can be fitted to motorize a regular wheelchair.

Team Silver, The Drink Safe
Raul Alanis, Leslie Ceja, Cristian Garcia, and Arturo Longoria
The Drink Safe is an in home cooling safe designed to limit and keep track of personal canned drinks that are not intended for everyone to have access to. It will identify if users have said access and then dispense their desired drink.