Fall 2019 Tech Symposium Biomedical Engineering Senior Design I Projects

Zinnia Medical, Expectant Mother Monitoring Wearable Device
Paola Lerma, Meritxell Martinez, Aaron Mendlovitz, Alexandria Raybon, Claudia Solorzano
In the U.S. alone, there are about 6.2 million pregnancies every year, from which only 4 million (64.5%) had a live birth outcome.  Moreover, more than 2 million stillbirths and 2.9 million neonatal deaths occur globally every year. At Zinnia Medical, we saw that there is a limitation of how often expectant mothers are able to monitor the health of their unborn children. This is why we want to bring the continuous monitoring of prenatal health into the wearable technology market. We are in the process of creating a wearable device that monitors fetal heart rate and contractions 24/7 to bring mothers peace of mind.

Five Point Biotech, Syringes Substitute for NAMRU Combat Medics
Ross Cowart, James Finch, Gabe Flores, Jared, Ribelin, Trevor Smith
Currently, we are working with the Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU) in San Antonio to create a device that will replace the syringes that combat medics have to carry into a single reusable device. Some of the specifications NAMRU detailed for our device include: reusability, the device cannot be more than a pound, must be able to withstand the forces experienced while being carried in a bag, can be applied quickly and a way to adjust the dosage given. We wanted to make the reusability aspect the most important in our final design. With this is mind, our final design contains a detachable and rotable needle housing that holds five needles, a body that contains a reusable cartridge for the drug being used, and an adjustable dosage dial for administering the drug. Our device, The Five Point RAI, will provide a solution for the numerous about of needles and syringes combat medics have to carry on them.