PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Brain Health Consortium (BHC) announces seed grant awards for graduate students (Masters and PhD) and postdoctoral research fellows from UTSA whose research focus is on brain health or regenerative medicine, specifically utilizing technology involving induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). This initiative aims to benefit students, postdoctoral fellows, and their faculty mentors
                                            This is achieved by our doctoral student Soutik Betal (UTSA PhD EE, Aug. 2017), currently a postdoctoral scholar at Alfred University, and was performed under the support of funded projects including DoD and
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Attention Students!
Summer 2018 ECE Course Modelling and Control of Mircrogrid EE 4953 (For Undergraduate): Topics in Model/Control of Microgrid EE 5243 (For Graduate): Topics in Control Systems Guest Instructor:         Dr. Chuanlin Zhang Email:                      Class Schedule:            MTWR       8:30 AM-12:00 PM  //  July 16-August 3 (3 weeks) Course