Faculty Research Interest

G. Alberto Arroyo Professor
Areas of Interest: Structures/forensic analysis.

Sazzad Bin-Shafique Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Beneficial use of wastes and industrial by-products, solidification and stabilization of soil and waste, waste geotechnics, remediation geotechnics, leachability testing and groundwater & contaminant transport modeling.

Samer Dessouky Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Asphalt pavement materials.

Manuel Diaz Professor and Department Chair
Areas of Interest: Structures/bridges.

Marcio Giacomoni Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Water resources systems analysis, Water resources management and planning, Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing to water resources and environmental engineering.

Jie Huang Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Geotechnical Engineering, Full scale instrumentation and numerical modelling.

Drew Johnson Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Research and development of novel membrane separation and transfer processes for air and water systems, research and development of biological, physical and chemical processes for water, wastewater and waste treatment, water conveyance and conservation

Adolfo Matamoros, Peter T. Flawn Distinguished Professor
Areas of Interest: Design and behavior of reinforced concrete members, Fatigue repair in structural steel bridges, Earthquake engineering

Arturo Montoya Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Safety and reliability of suspension bridge main cables, Friction and fracture of corroded high strength steel wires, Aging infrastructure, Computational approaches for large scale FEM models

A.T. Papagiannakis
Areas of Interest: Pavement-vehicle interaction, pavement traffic loading and micromechanical analysis of asphalt concretes.

Hatim Sharif Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Hydrologic analysis, modeling, and prediction, land-atmosphere interactions, remote sensing application in hydrometeorology, application of geographic information systems (GIS) in water resources, water quality and contaminant transport modeling, statistical analysis of hydrologic processes, water resources systems planning and management, applications of operations research in water resources problems, erosion and sedimentation.

Heather Shipley Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Fate, transport and reactivity of chemicals in natural systems/contaminant adsorption/desorption involving nano-particles.

Firat Testik Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Coastal Engineering, Coastal Hydrodynamics and Nearshore Processes, Precipitation Microphysics, Hydraulics, Sediment Transport, Physical Modeling and Experimentation

Jose Weissmann Professor
Areas of Interest: Transportation infrastructure management and pavement materials.

Vikram Kapoor Assistant Professor                                                                                                                                Areas of Interest: Study of microbial community dynamics in natural and engineered systems such as activated sludge, soil and environmental waters

Amit Kumar Assistant Professor                                                                                                                                       Area of Interest: