Engineering Summer Camp for high school students

College of Engineering’s Center for Excellence in Engineering Education

Engineering Summer Camp for High School Students (sorry the camps are closed)

Summer 2018

Overnight Camp: June 17th to June 22nd

Day Camp: June 18th to June 22nd

This exciting and interactive camp is designed for high school students and will allow for engineering design and problem solving approaches using out of the box thinking. The camp will have interactive workshops, hands-on challenges, tours, panels, and friendly competitions.

Each day the camp covers a major branch of engineering, i.e. electrical/computer engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and biomedical engineering. The main goal of the Engineering Summer Camp is to develop, grow, and maintain the engineering bridge program targeting Texas high school students entering biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

Day Camp is $280 and Overnight Camp is $525. A $100 deposit is required to fully register. Any money owed must be paid before the camp starts.

 To register, please send your application and deposit by check payable to UTSA to: Mehdi Shadaram, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at San Antonio, One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249 before May 10, 2018.

Recently, we received limited scholarship funds to subsidize the registration fee for students from low income families. To qualify, please get a letter from your school, indicating that your child is on free lunch and submit it along with your application and deposit. The scholarship will be awarded based on first come first served. The scholarship does not cover the $100 deposit.

For more info contact, 210-458-4431

The following table shows the daily program.

  Monday (General Engineering)   Tuesday (Mechanical Engineering)
  Event location   Event location
9:oo Registration BSE Atrium 9:oo Drop-Off/Brain Teasers BSE Atrium
9:30 Introduction and rules BSE 2.102 9:15 Introduction to Mechanical BSE 2.102
10:00 Ice Breakers and Teams BSE 2.102 9:45 Workshop-Sterling Can Engine BSE 2.102
10:45 Campus Tour All over campus 11:00 Industry Lecture BSE 2.102
12:00 Lunch RoadRunner Cafe 11:45 Lunch RoadRunner Café
1:00 SiViRT Lab tour Viz Lab 12:45 Lab Tour West Campus
1:45 Workshop-Junk Drawer BSE 2.102 1:45 Grad lecture/Workshop BSE 2.102
3:15 Team competition (Rube Goldberg) BSE atrium 2:30 Materials Lab and Jet Propulsion Tour EB Ground Floor
4:30 De-Brief BSE 2.102 3:15 CVT Experiment BSE 2.102
5:00 Pick up BSE Atrium 4:30 De-brief BSE 2.102
5:00 Pick-up BSE Atrium
  Wednesday (Electrical/Computer)   Thursday (Civil/Environmental)
  Event location   Event location
9:00 Drop-Off/Brain Teasers BSE Atrium 9:00 Drop-Off/Brain Teasers BSE Atrium
9:15 Introduction to Electrical/Computer BSE 2.102 9:15 Introduction to Civil/Environmental BSE 2.102
9:45 Workshop-Simple Circuits BSE 2.102 9:45 Workshop-Newspaper Chairs BSE 2.102
11:00 Rackspace Lecture BSE 2.102 10:30 Lab Tour-Civil BSE Ground floor
11:45 Lunch 11:00 Industry Lecture BSE 2.102
12:45 Workshop-Bread Board Circuits EB 2nd floor 11:45 Lunch RoadRunner Cafe
1:45 Lab Tour-ACE Lab BSE 2nd floor 12:45 Concrete Lab Tour-ASCE West Campus
2:15 Solar Cell Experiment BSE 2nd floor 2:00 Renewable Energy Tour Shipley’s lab
3:15 Team competition (Arduino) BSE 2nd floor 3:00 Grad Lecture/Workshop-bridges BSE 2.102
4:30 De-Brief BSE 2.102 3:45 Team competition (Bridges) BSE 2.102
5:00 Pick-up BSE Atrium 4:30 De-Brief BSE 2.102




5:00 Pick-Up BSE Atrium
  Friday (Biomedical/Chemical)    
  Event location  
9:00 Drop-Off/Brain Teasers BSE Atrium      
9:15 Intro to Biomedical/Chemical BSE 2.102      
9:45 Workshop-Foot protection BSE 2.102      
11:00 Industry Lecture BSE 2.102      
11:45 Lunch        
12:45 Lab Tour AET 1st floor      
1:45 Grad Lecture/Electrophoresis BSE 2.102      
3:00 Muscle Contraction Experiment BSE 2.102      
4:15 De-Brief(cover Petroleum and Chemical) BSE 2.102      
5:00 Pick-up BSE Atrium      


Jun 17 2018


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