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Dr. Liang Tang, Ph.D.

Liang Tang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Teaching Interest:

  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Immunoassay and Biosensors
  • Nanotechnology and bioMEMS in Biomedical Research

Areas of Research Interest:

Our group has great interest in advancing and integrating nano-biotechnology and biomolecular engineering for diverse clinical applications. Specifically, the primary research focus includes development, characterization and application of nano-biosensing system for rapid medical diagnostics and mechanistic probes into various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. We are also interested in applying bio-imaging techniques coupled with cardiac electrophysiological study in order to investigate the mechanisms underlying cardiac arrhythmias and sudden death.

  • Nano-biotechnology: bioinstrumentation, implantable biosensor, biomedical optics
  • bioMEMS: microfluidics, Lab-on-a-chip, microfabrication
  • Cardiovascular research: electrophysiology, arrhythmias, sudden death

Selected Publications

  • Tang, L., Kwon, H. J., and Kang, K. A. Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Analyte Transport in  a Fiber Optic, Protein C Immuno-Biosensor. Biotech Bioeng 88: 869-879 (2004).
  • Tang, L., Ren, Y., Hong, B., and Kang, K.A. Fluorophore-mediated, fiber-optic, multi-analyte, immuno-sensing system for rapid diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases. J Biomed Opt 11: Article 021011 (2006).
  • Hwang, G. S., Hayashi, H., Tang, L., Ogawa, M., Hernandez, H., Tan, A. Y., Li, H., Karagueuzian, H. S., Weiss, J. N., Lin, S. F., Chen, P. S. Intracellular Calcium and Vulnerability to Fibrillation and Defibrillation in Langendorff-Perfused Rabbit Ventricles. Circulation 114: 2595-2603 (2006).
  • Tang, L., Hwang, G. S., Lin, S. F. Defibrillation Strategy with Postshock Synchronized Pacing in Excitable Gaps. Circulation 114: II-9 (2006).
  • Tang, L., Hwang, G. S., Song, J., Chen, P. S., Lin, S. F. Post-shock Synchronized Pacing in Isolated Rabbit Left Ventricle: Evaluation of a Novel Defibrillation Strategy. J Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 18: 740-749 (2007). Cover Article
  • Tang, L., Oh, Y., Li, H., Song, J., Chen, P. S., Lin, S. F. Clinical Validation of Fiberoptic Immunobiosensor for Point-of-Care Analysis of Plasma Nerve Growth Factor. Heart Rhythm 4(9):1208-1213 (2007).
  • Tang, L., Hwang, G.S., Hayashi, H., Song, J., Ogawa, M., Karagueuzian, H. S., Chen, P. S., Lin, S. F. Intracellular Calcium Dynamics at the Core of Endocardial Stationary Spiral Waves in Langendorff-Perfused Rabbit Hearts. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 295:H297-H304 (2008).
  • Hwang, G. S., Tang, L., Boyoung, J., Morita, N., Hayashi, H., Karagueuzian, H. S., Weiss, J. N., Lin, S. F., Chen, P. S. Defibrillation Shocks is Attributable to Less Intracellular Calcium Transient Heterogeneity. Journal of American College of Cardiology (JACC) 52:828-835 (2008).
  • Tang, L. Combination Antiarrhythmic Therapy: 1+1>2? J Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 19:1098-1099 (2008). Editorial

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