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Professor Rena Bizios

Rena Bizios, Ph.D.

Peter Flawn Professor

Cellular and Tissue Engineering Laboratory
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Educational Background:

  • B.S. Ch. E. Cum Laude, University of Massachusetts
  • M.S. Ch. E., California Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Areas of Teaching Interest:

  • Tissue-Biomaterial Interactions;
  • Cellular Engineering;
  • Tissue Engineering;
  • Biocompatibility

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Cellular and Tissue Engineering
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Biomaterials (including nanostructured ones)
  • Mechanisms of cellular responses to stimuli (chemical, mechanical, magnetic, electrical)
  • Biocompatibility (specifically, cell/biomaterial interactions)

Description of Research:

The research activities of my laboratory have focused on the aforementioned areas. For this purpose, information and insight that have become available through recent advances in a number of disciplines such as cellular/molecular biology, biochemistry, materials science, etc., has been utilized. Examples of such endeavors include: modification of material surfaces with immobilized, bioactive compounds such as select adhesive peptides; micropatterning of material surfaces in order to direct and control subsequent adhesion of specific cell lines in designated domains; and novel material formulations (specifically, nanoceramics and nanocomposites) with unique biocompatibility and/or improved mechanical and electrical properties. Cellular, in vitro models have been used to evaluate the cytocompatibility of these constructs and to determine the chemical conditions and biophysical (specifically, pressure, electric and magnetic) stimuli needed to promote neotissue growth.

This research exemplifies alternative strategies and novel approaches of great potential for tissue regeneration purposes in tissue engineering and other biomedical applications.

Selected Publications

  • Wehmeyer, J.L., R. Bizios, C.D. Garcia. Dynamic adsorption of albumin on nanostructured TiO2 thin films. Materials Science and Engineering C 30: 277-282. 2010.
  • Dulgar-Tulloch, A.J., R. Bizios, R. W. Siegel. Human mesenchymal stem cell adhesion and proliferation in response to ceramic chemistry and nanoscale topography. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Electronic publication DOI: 10.1002/jbm.a.32116. Hard Copy: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research (Part A) 90A:586-594, 2009.
  • Creecy, C.M., D.A. Puleo, R. Bizios. Protein and cell interactions with nanophase biomaterials. Chapter 17 (pp. 344-352) in the “Biological Interactions on Material Surfaces: Understanding and Controlling Protein, Cell and Tissue Responses” book. A.D. Puleo and R. Bizios (eds.). Springer. New York, NY, 2009.
  • Gibson, C.C., D.A. Puleo, R. Bizios. Cell and tissue interactions with materials: the role of growth factors. Chapter 10 (pp. 200-218) in the “Biological Interactions on Material Surfaces: Understanding and Controlling Protein, Cell and Tissue Responses” book. A.D. Puleo and R. Bizios (eds.). Springer. New York, NY, 2009.
  • Logeart-Avramoglou, D., F. Anagnostou, R. Bizios, H. Petite. Engineering bone: challenges and obstacles. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 9:72-84, 2005.
  • McManus, A.J., R.H. Doremus, R.W. Siegel, R. Bizios. Evaluation of the cytocompatibility and bending modulus of nanoceramic/polymer composites. J Biomed Mater Res 72:98-106, 2005.
  • Shin, H.Y., R. Bizios, M.E. Gerritsen. Cyclic pressure modulates vascular endothelial barrier function. Endothelium 10: 1-8, 2003.
  • Nagatomi, J., B.P. Arulanandam. D.W. Metzger, A. Meunier, R. Bizios. Cyclic pressure affects osteoblast functions pertinent to osteogenesis. Annals Biomed Engineer 31: 917-923, 2003.
  • Shin, H.Y., M.L. Smith, K.J. Toy, P.M. Williams, J. Lee, R. Bizios, M.E. Gerritsen. VEGF-C mediates cyclic pressure-induced endothelial cell proliferation: a DNA microarray analysis of pressure-sensitive gene expression. Amer J Physiology: Physiological Genomics 11: 245-251, 2002.
  • Shin, H.Y., M.E. Gerritsen, R. Bizios. Regulation of endothelial cell proliferation and apoptosis by cyclic pressure. Annals of Biomed Engineer 30:297-304, 2002.
  • Nagatomi, J., B.P. Arulanandam. D.W. Metzger, A. Meunier, R. Bizios. Effects of cyclic pressure on bone marrow cell cultures. J Biomechanical Engineer 124:308-314, 2002.
  • Supronowicz, P.R., P.M. Ajayan, K.R. Ullmann, B.P. Arulanandam, D.W. Metzger, R. Bizios. Novel current-conducting composite substrates for exposing osteoblasts to alternating current stimulation. J Biomed Mater Res 59: 499-506, 2002.
  • Hasenbein, M.E., T.T. Andersen, R. Bizios. Micropatterned surfaces modified with select peptides promote exclusive interactions with osteoblasts. Biomater 23: 3937-3942, 2002.
  • Nagatomi, J., B.P. Arulanandam, D.W. Metzger, A. Meunier, R. Bizios. Frequency- andduration-dependent effects of cyclic pressure on select osteoblast functions. Tissue Engineering 7: 717-728, 2001.
  • Webster, T.J., C. Ergun, R.H. Doremus, R.W. Siegel, R. Bizios. Enhanced functions of osteoclast-like cell on nanophase ceramics. Biomater 22: 1327-1333, 2001.
  • Webster, T.J., L.S. Schadler, R.W. Siegel, R. Bizios. Mechanisms of enhanced osteoblast adhesion on nanophase alumina involve vitronectin. Tissue Engineering 7: 291-301, 2001.
  • Webster, T.J., C. Ergun, R.H. Doremus, R.W. Siegel, R. Bizios. Specific proteins mediate enhanced osteoblast adhesion on nanophase ceramics. J Biomed Mater Res 51: 475-483, 2000.
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  • Dee, K.C, T.T. Andersen, R. Bizios. Design and function of novel osteoblast-adhesive peptides for chemical modification of biomaterials. J Biomed Mater Res 40:371-377, 1998.
  • Schwartz, E.A., R. Bizios, M.S. Medow, M.E. Gerritsen. Exposure of human vascular endothelial cells to sustained hydrostatic pressure stimulates proliferation: involvement of the av integrins. Circulation Res 84: 315-322, 1999.
  • Webster, T.J., R.W. Siegel, R. Bizios. Osteoblast adhesion on nanophase ceramics. Biomater 20: 1221-1227, 1999.
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