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Program Overview

The objective of the program is to train students in the use of basic biomedical engineering approaches for the investigation of fundamental bioengineering questions associated with the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

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Future Outlook

The BME Program has enjoyed great success. Talented and productive faculty from both institutions have embraced the Program from its inception, and interest among the faculty continues to grow.

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Recent News & Updates

  • IMPORTANT: For entrance into the Fall 2016 Masters Program, Deadline for international students is Friday, April 1st and for domestic students the deadline is July 1st.
  • Seminar Series: April 1
    GCCRI 2.160 (UTHSCSA) | What They Taught You About Action Potentials in College, and What We Learn In Graduate School
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  • Associate Director of the Joint Biomedical Engineering Program Named: The Graduate Dean’s Office is pleased to announce that Dr. Jean Jiang will serve as the Associate Director of the Joint Biomedical Engineering Program, effective immediately. read more »
  • Sharon Kwee Plays Violin For Patients: For an in-depth interview with Sharon Kwee and the great things she does in the field of biomedical engineering and volunteering, read more »
  • Science Fiesta: Inaugural Year
    The goal of Science Fiesta is to showcase the unparalleled research that is going on in San Antonio through festivities geared towards the non-scientific community. read more »
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Scholarships Available

Scholarship opportunities are available for both Master's and Ph.D programs:
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