Seminar Schedule

  1. All seminars are held 9 – 10am on Fridays.
  2. Students who have registered for BME 6001 or BIME 6090 are required to attend the seminars. In order to get a pass grade, students should not miss more than two seminars. Students are allowed to compensate for missing up to two Biomedical Engineering program seminars by attending equivalent seminars and submit a 200 words report to Dr. Teja Guda before the last day of the class for the semester.
  3. The objective of this class is to broaden students’ academic horizons, deepen their understanding of one’s own research area, and learn presentation skills.
 Jan 12  GCCRI 2.160 Dr. Amina Qutub  Neural Cell Communication during Growth & Regeneration
Jan 19 GCCRI 2.160 Kumar Sharma Metabolic Reprogramming in Kidney Disease
Jan 26 GCCRI 2.160 Dr. Ed Guo TBA
Feb 2 GCCRI 2.160 Dr. Xinggou Cheng Nano/Bio Material Research for Cancer/Vaccine, Tissue Engineering, & Wound Healing: An Overview
Feb 9 GCCRI 2.160 Dr. Monica Moya TBA
Feb 16 GCCRI 2.160 Marcos Restrepo Translational Science in Cardiovascular Complications Secondary to Pneumonia
Feb 23 GCCRI 2.160 Dr. Song Li TBD
March 2 GCCRI 2.160 Dr. Sousa TBD
March 9 GCCRI 2.160 TBA TBD
March 23 GCCRI 2.160 Gregory R. Dion Developing In-Vivo Models and Biomechanical Testing for Laryngeal Burn Injuries
March 30 GCCRI 2.160 Dr. Linxia Gu TBD
April 6 MED 4.409L Dr. XiuJun James Li TBD
April 13 GCCRI 2.160 Dr. Cara Gonzales TBD
April 20 GCCRI 2.160 Wei Gao TBD
May 2 TBA Sharon Walsh Research Day