Seminar Schedule

  1. All seminars are held 9 – 10am on Fridays.
  2. Students who have registered for BME 6001 or BIME 6090 are required to attend the seminars. In order to get a pass grade, students should not miss more than two seminars. Students are allowed to compensate for missing up to two Biomedical Engineering program seminars by attending equivalent seminars and submit a 200 words report to Dr. Teja Guda before the last day of the class for the semester.
  3. The objective of this class is to broaden students’ academic horizons, deepen their understanding of one’s own research area, and learn presentation skills.


Jan 11   GCCRI 2.160   Philip Serwer, Ph.D. A New, Bioengineering Approach to the Therapy of Cancerous Tumors 
Jan 18- STRETCH   MED 4.409L   Charles France, Ph.D.
MCAM: a novel mu opioid receptor antagonist for treating opioid overdose and abuse
Jan 25


  GCCRI 2.106   Jack Lancaster, Ph.D.
Mango: A Tool for Visualization and Analysis of Medical Images
Feb 1


  MED 4.409L   Teja Guda, Ph.D.
Leveraging Biomaterials & Mechanics to Direct Functional Tissue Regeneration
Feb 8


  GCCRI 2.160   Amina Qutub, Ph.D.
Digitizing Cell Health: Using Models of Cell Signaling to Impact Clinical Outcomes
Feb 15- STRECH


  UTSA   Miranda E. Orr Tau induced Cellular Senescence is a Treatable Source of Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration
Feb 22


  GCCRI 2.160   Margarita Herrera Alonso, Ph.D. Molecular and Process Parameters of Solution based Polymer Self-Assemblies
Mar 1


  GCCRI 2.160   David Libich, Ph.D. The Dark Side of GroEL: Investigation of Transiently Bound Substrates to the Chaperonin GroEL by Relaxation-based Solution NMR
Mar 8


  GCCRI 2.160   Rui Sousa, Ph.D.  Generation and characterization of internally ratiometric fluorescent sensors for evaluation of intracellular GTP levels and distribution 
Mar 15


No SeminarSpring Break


  UTSA: Room TBD   Janakiram Seshu, Ph.D. Vaccine and Antibiotic Independent Strategies against Lyme Disease
Mar 29


  MED 4.409L   Xiao-Dong Chen, Ph.D.  Promises and Challenges of MSC-Based Therapies: Ongoing Research Projects in My Laboratory
Apr 5


  GCCRI 2.160   Ratnewshwar Lal, Ph.D.  Remotely Switchable Smart Nano-Carriers for On-Demand and Targeted Personalized Medicine
Apr 12


  MED 4.409L   Gabriela Romero Uribe, Ph.D. Wireless Magneto Thermal Platforms For Neuromodulation
Apr 19


  3.104A Pestana Lecture Hall   David Restrepo, Ph.D. In the Search for High-Performance Materials: The Role of Architecture and Bio-inspired Design
Apr 26


  N/A   No Seminar - Fiesta


May 1 STRECH (2-3 pm)   MED 3.309L   STRECH STRECH