Advising Center Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I go for help?
    The University of Texas at San Antonio's College of Engineering Advising Center offers students the opportunity to sit down with advisors and ask questions regarding their major and college plan.
  2. Where is the College of Engineering Advising Center located?
    On the third floor of the old Engineering Building, EB 3.04.04.
  3. How do I make an appointment to see a College of Engineering advisor?
    It is not necessary for students to make an appointment during Walk-In Advising hours. To see an advisor during Walk-In Advising hours, visit the Advising Center's office and sign-in with the front desk. If you need to see an advisor at a time when Walk-in Advising is not available, you may make an appointment by contacting the Advising Center's office by phone or email. Walk-In Advising hours change periodically, so check the Advising Hours section on the Advising homepage before planning your visit.
  4. What happens if my GPA falls below 2.0?
    Students who fail to maintain the minimum required grade point average of 2.0 in all work attempted at UTSA will be placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation or Academic Dismissal. To learn more about these academic standings, visit the College of Engineering Academic Standing webpage.
  5. What degrees and majors are available in the College of Engineering?
    The College of Engineering offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; Master of Science Degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Advanced Manufacturing and Enterprise Engineering; and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. For more information about the College of Engineering's Degree Programs, please visit the Prospective Students webpage.
  6. Why do I have a hold?
    Various offices place student records on hold for many reasons that include but are not limited to academic successes and account balances. Please check with our front desk staff to check whether you have any holds on your record. Only the office that placed the hold on your record can release that hold.

If you have further questions about the College of Engineering Advising Center, please contact the Advising Center by email,, or by phone, (210) 458-5525.